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In today's pharmaceutical working environment, more than ever before, there exists a need for accuracy and efficiency. At Medical Cybernetics, we understand the need for precision and productivity, and we strive to provide pharmacists with tools that will enable them to achieve this with deftness.

MC/PLUS-Rx is a multi-station/multi-user pharmacy system utilizing the fastest and most stable technology available in today's market. The system was developed by pharmacists and designed to create a highly functional yet easy to use method of inputting, processing, and analyzing medication orders, treatments, billing information, and Medicare Part D claims. Its features improve pharmacy workflow and increase efficacy in order to meet facility demands. Due to the varied selection of parameters within the system, the pharmacist has the opportunity to self-tailor many of the applications to fit the individual facility. Additionally, Medical Cybernetics provides interfaces with many other systems (including automated dispensing and packaging systems) and custom modules for use on nursing stations.

Located east of Charlotte, North Carolina, Medical Cybernetics, Inc. has been providing technology solutions to hospital pharmacies for over 30 years.

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