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Admissions, Discharges, & Transfers

Admissions, discharges, and transfers can be entered as a stand-alone function within the pharmacy department or received from the hospital's patient accounting system. In a stand-alone environment, MC/PLUS possesses the data entry capabilities necessary to maintain the patient profile and room/bed census.

Audit trails are an integral part of the system. Each ADT transaction is logged at the time of entry, and a printed listing of the log is generated as a part of the daily shutdown sequence. In addition, the system provides for patient number modification. In the event an improper account number is assigned, a function is available to change the invalid account number. Associated changes are automatically made to the patient's medication profile and any related historical information.

Patient information that is collected includes patient number, patient name, room and bed, and admission date and time. Optional information includes sex, age, height, weight, admitting and attending physicians, reference number, nursing station, primary and secondary diagnosis, note, scheduled surgery date and time, insurance class, service code, primary DRG, discharge date and time, reason for discharge, and review periods and dates. Other information options are also available.

Unintentionally discharged patients can be readmitted within a specified time frame without re-entry of all orders.

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