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The method of medication charging is flexible and can be tailored to accommodate the individual hospital. Patient charges for drugs are established in the drug database by the pharmacist and are modifiable. The system establishes price formulas, which are defined by the specific institution. These allow automatic calculation of prices that can be based upon the contract package, average wholesale price, or the manufacturer direct package price.

Scheduled doses are automatically charged at the time of dispensing. PRN and floor stock doses can be charged by one of three different methods:

  • Initial dose only with manual refills needed for additional doses
  • Doses charged at the time of dispensing, or
  • Doses charged after the use of the drug

Bar code scanning expedites crediting by allowing the user to enter on-line credits with ease.

The Floor Stock Control and Transfer pplication permits the entry of any medication that is transferred to nursing unit floor stock. Once transferred, an inquiry operation will allow the pharmacist to determine the items and amount of floor stock available at each nursing unit.

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