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Clinical Screenings

Clinical screening is an essential part of an automated pharmacy management system. MC/PLUS-Rx provides screening for drug interactions, food-drug interactions, drug allergies, duplicate orders, dose range, and therapeutic duplications. The user can select the level of screening for drug-drug and drug-food interactions. Separate parameters are provided to control the screening level of notices displayed and those that are printed.

If a drug-drug interaction is detected, the interacting medications are displayed at the workstation. In addition, a drug interaction notice is printed. This hard copy listing indicates the interacting drugs' mechanism of action, as well as, their frequency of administration. A clinical significance code of 1, 2, or 3 is printed on the notice. This code indicates the expected severity of the interaction, with level 1 being the most severe. Warnings can be overridden at the pharmacist's discretion.

The system will also detect duplicate orders or therapeutic duplications, patient allergies, food – drug interactions, preganancy precautions, and out-of-range dosages. Warning messages are displayed at the workstation and hard copy notices are generated according to the screening parameters set by the user. Warnings can be overridden at the pharmacist's discretion.

The clinical screening database and its maintenance are vendor supplied.

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