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CSTools is a low cost, medication order check, request processing system, which supports the VISTA Health Information System. By leveraging open source products, CSTools can provide clinical screening services without utilizing many of the proprietary licensed products required to implement the complete VISTA Medication Order Check Healthcare Application (MOCHA) interface.

CSTools provides a MOCHA compliant RESTful web services interface. This interface is supported by Red Hat's JBOSS Application Server and provides more flexibility when selecting database technology to suit your facilities needs. CSTools can support open source databases such as PostgresSQL or MySQL, in addition to proprietary databases such as Oracle.

The Freedom Of Information Act (FIOA) release of the VISTA MOCHA interface utilizes the proprietary Weblogic Application Server, as well as Oracle and Cache` Databases. Both CSTools and MOCHA require FDB's National Drug Data File (NDDF) as a reference for clinical screening information. However, MOCHA is dependent upon FDB's licensed Drug Information Framework application to perform clinical screening tasks. A series of proprietary clinical screening JAVA classes replace FDB's Drug Information Framework in CSTools.

CSTools is MOCHA version 1.0 and 2.0 compliant.

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