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Inventory Control

MC/PLUS-Rx offers a fully automated Inventory Control and Purchase Advice application. This application depletes inventory as drugs are dispensed and increments it as they are credited.

Reorder points can be built into the database by the user. When the inventory reaches this predefined point, a purchase advice report is generated. The system can also automatically calculate reorder points that are based upon historical usage.

Ease of Access - The pharmacy inventory application can be accessed from any workstation in the network. The inventory application accounts for the dispensing of all medications and IV's from the central pharmacy, satellite pharmacies, and nursing units, in addition to those doses dispensed through the outpatient system and those used in compounding.

An Interdepartmental Transfer application manages transfers and costs items dispensed to other departments. A monthly usage/charge report can be printed according to department or location.

Utilization statistics of drugs listed by nursing unit and service code is available through specific reports.

Daily Inventory Activity reports are printed as part of the end of day processing. This report summarizes inventory activity for the day.

Reconciliation reports for physical inventory counts can be printed on demand. The system calculates necessary adjustments based on the count.

Pricing Updates - Prices can be updated monthly through the vendor-supplied database, and the new medication charge will be automatically calculated. Interfaces to prime vendors are available.

Packaging labels can be generated through the MC/ Plus-Rx Pharmacy System.

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