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IV Order Entry

MC/PLUS-Rx offers a comprehensive IV Admixture system, allowing the pharmacist to view the mixture as a whole while the additives are being selected.

  • Common IV orders, such as hyperalimentations, can be maintained within the system and used to speed order entry for routine orders.
  • Consecutive numbering of large volume fluids aids the pharmacists in IV preparation scheduling.
  • IV Fees - A charge feature permits the user to identify the type of admixture (i.e., as large volume, IV piggyback, hyperalimentation, or irregular fluid). The system will charge a fee for the specific type of admixture being dispensed.
  • IV stability times are maintained in the formulary.
  • Free text can be entered on each IV order. This information is printed on labels and administration records.
  • Customized label formats are available.
  • The IV Pick List, generated as a by-product of the dispensing labels, summarizes the fluids and additives that will be necessary for mixing the solutions through a specific fill period. This allows the pharmacist or technician to assemble all necessary drugs and other items prior to beginning a fill of IV admixtures. The pick list does not generate charges.
  • The system allows modification of the administration time of an existing IV order. This feature prevents the commonly encountered problems of inadequate or excessive mixing of IV fluids. The resulting reduction of IV admixture waste is cost effective.
  • An IV Fluid Reconciliation list can be generated to aid in keeping track of IV solutions. This gives the pharmacist a better knowledge of the number of IVs to prepare.

Bar code scanning expedites crediting by allowing the user to enter on-line credits with ease.

The Floor Stock Control and Transfer application permits the entry of any medication that is transferred to nursing unit floor stock. Once transferred, an inquiry operation will allow the pharmacist to determine the items and amount of floor stock available at each nursing unit.

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