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Unit Dose Support

MC/PLUS-Rx supports unit dose distribution by several methods. The unit dose envelope system and the more common medication cart fill system are both recognized. The traditional multi-day fill system is also acknowledged by MC/PLUS-Rx. Multiple methods of medication distribution can be maintained within the same institution simply by setting the parameter for the distribution type associated with each individual nursing station. MC/PLUS will then recognize the type of distribution system required for the medication fill based upon the patient's location in the hospital.

Cart Fill System - The medication cart fill-list can be printed for any number of future hours. The fill-through time is selected by the pharmacist. The cart fill list identifies the drugs to be placed in the cart and the total number of doses to be dispensed. In addition, the fill list indicates the number of doses that were on the previous cart fill list so that credits and adjustments can be made where necessary.

Multi-day System - A multi-day or daily MAR is generated. This MAR details all medications and IV orders that are scheduled to be administered within the user-specified time period cover. The sequence of the medications listed can be user-defined.

Pick List - MC/PLUS prints a Medication Pick List for unit dose medication. This allows the pharmacist or technician to assemble all needed drugs and other items prior to beginning a medication cart fill. The pick list does not generate charges.

New order labels can be generated for MAR update purposes.

Interfaces to automated dispensing systems are also available.

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